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Commodore's Corner

Events, Membership and Dues Update
By Jim Kennedy
Posted on 4/8/2020 12:28 PM
I hope all of you have been able to utilize this time to spend more of your day outside with family doing some of the things that you haven’t had time to do in the busy life that we lived just weeks ago.

This is a very interesting time. All most everything we do has been affected by it. And it’s not like you can reinvent yourself, it’s like you must re-uninvent yourself. Back to basics.

As the commodore of your Yacht Club, I must keep you updated on things that are changing and how we are adjusting to them. This letter hopefully addresses a couple of them.

Events and Dues
As of right now, it looks like the likely hood of holding YC social events this year is pretty slim to none. All events are cancelled until further notice. We will monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely and adjust our schedule accordingly. That said, I can’t see us collecting dues from our members when we are not holding events. Monday night April 6th, 2020 the WLYC board unanimously voted is to suspend dues for the year, and apply all dues paid and collected so far this year, to next year. All members of the WLYC in 2019 will be reinstated as paid members for the calendar year 2020. If something changes and we can hold a couple events later in the year, I will address that then.

If a member wishes to donate their 2020 dues to the WLYC or our Junior Sailing program, please let us know and we will appreciate that contribution. We still have some fixed expenses and have some projects planned for the year which we can still move forward with if the money holds out. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding dues. New members who join the Club this year will still need to pay dues with their payment applying to both this year and 2021.

While I am speaking of dues, one question we have been asked is, “what is our explanation for the dues increase from $60 to $100”. First off, it was a unanimous decision by the board to do so. We looked at the increased cost of holding events, inflation, providing food and entertainment and the increase in our expenses with expansions and cost increases with our Junior Sailing program. In addition, we want our events to have a reasonable door charge (all events are subsidized by the YC and the door charge only reflects a portion of the cost of holding an event) and our efforts to expand our club to other areas of social activities. They all added up to an increase of dues. You will not see another increase for years into the future.

We will attempt to hold our Sunday races this year as long as we are operating within the guidelines of the state and local authorities’ restrictions and regulations regarding COVID-19. It will be a customized season and I am working on the details. I think the emphasis will shift to a little more attention to fun and just enjoying the water and wind vs competition for trophies. To qualify this decision I have spoken to Rick Neece the Weatherby Lake Improvement Company president about this. He is all aboard with us holding races. He, like I, see no reason why we should not hold our races. We compete on our own boats, on the lake with plenty of distance between us. The only restriction is that our normal gathering after the races at C-Point should be limited to 10 people or less, and the C-Point Pavilion will not be open for the public until the gathering of 10 people or less restriction is lifted. I am working on a communication to the racers and crew with details on how we will move forward.

I would like to thank everyone that has reached out to me with questions and one’s that have contributed suggestions and advice on how to proceed at this crazy time. You are greatly appreciated.

I ask one thing from all of you, and that is to please take advantage of this time to enjoy this beautiful lake you live on. Get outside, take in the fresh air and use that pontoon boat, runabout or sailboat to connect to the community via the water. We have something here that not many people have in the heart of their community so please indulge yourself.