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Commodore's Corner

Spring and the Blessing of the Fleet
By Tom James
Posted: 2023-03-14T20:54:44Z

I can feel the air ready to change.

It is that amazing time of year when the earth is begging to wake up to Spring! It is time for the plants to blossom stretching into the cool morning air finding the wonderful rays of the bright sun..

With this awakening it is time to get the boats ready for a new year of sailing or just cruising the lake in your pontoon boat. It is the yearly exercise of cleaning up the mess of the long winter debris and mold from days of rain and snow. Yes, the efforts of uncovering the boats in storage and making it to the lake takes a certain dedication. 

For me it is the cleaning of the sailboat, the painting of the keel and rudder, washing the lines and purchasing new equipment. Our first races are 45 days from now on the 23rd of April. There will be the confusing start, the mistakes by sailors and the heart break to figure out that we are way behind first place. Yet, we sail for the love of sailing.

Finally the moment comes when we round the leeward mark and tighten up. The team works diligently to bring in the lines as the boat heals and the wind gods give us a chance to compete again. It is always open season on the boat just in front of you. We are sure we will beat them to the next mark. It is a moment of aliveness that cannot be denied, that wonderful moment when the boat, the crew and the skipper are all one and excited about each and every moment of sailing. Man, do I love it!

So that is life, every sunday that we race. But the truth is, the feelings are there everyday we cast off from the dock just to sail. This is life at Weatherby Lake, may you have the opportunity to catch the wind and feel the power of life at the lake.

Remember the spirit of the lake begins with, "The Blessing of The Fleet", April 15 at 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm at C-Point. There will be the standard beverages and beer and wine. The blessing will start at 4:30 and lead by our Weatherby Lake resident Phil Zehms. Bring your sailboat, pontoon or fishing boat. It will be a great start for a great season of fun!

Tom James