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Weatherby Lake Yacht Club Messages from the Commodore:

Please use this email link to communicate to me any thoughts or ideas that you might have regarding the past, present and future of the Yacht Club.  No request will be taken lightly.  I will do my best to reply promptly but please give me a couple of days to get the right answer to questions or suggestions.

Thank you, your commodore,

Jim Kennedy (


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2019-06-25

Dear Members of the Weatherby Lake Yacht Club. 

As you all might know, our Progressive Dinner on Saturday night June 15th titled Island Hopping in the BVI’s was a total HIT!!  It was a blast.  So well attended that it had all of us in a panic that we might run out of food or drink…..but none of that happened.  The planners – Holly Aldridge Social Chair, and Ana Ebbrecht event coordinator along with Mike Aldridge our Food and Beverage Chair person did the finest of fine jobs so none of that would happen.  I am happy to say the event was a total success……… a point.

As you also might know, the rain that was predicted to come on and off all day…held off all night right up to the auction….where it rained….and it rained…and it rained our auction away.  So we needed a plan to sell all the auction items we still have….raising the money we hoped would have happen at the end of the Progressive Dinner.  And this is our plan:

  1. We are going to post on our website and send out to all WLYC members the list of Auction items that were going to Auctioned off at the PD.  The list is at 2019 Progressive Dinner Auction Items.

  2. You may bid on the items…by returning the email or sending an email to the WLYC.  Where a winner might be awarded if the minimums are met.

  3. We are also going to hold the remainder of the auction the night of the 6th at the WLYC’s Red, White and Blue Party at C-Point.  Please attend.

Please help us raise the money the Progressive Dinner was supposed to raise for our Jr Sailing Program.  We depend on you for its existence.  We depend on you to cover its cost to grow,  and we depend on you to assist in the nurturing of sailing in our young adults.

And to just share with our members the financial part of the event, the dinner never raises a dollar…or hasn’t in many years into the past.  The dinner ticket prices just cover the cost of the event…Appetizers, Drink, Food and the band.  Actually, in the past years…the dinner actually has lost money.  So you see, the auction is where all the money is raised. 

If you have any questions regarding the auction, please contact me, Commodore Jim Kennedy at 920 912 2332.  Or email me at: .




Commodore's Letter - Posted 2019-03-29

Hello, I’m Jim Kennedy your WLYC Commodore

This is the beginning of our year and season as The Weatherby Lake Yacht Club.  The last hopes and prayers from the iceboat owners for a solid ice covered lake have dwindled away as temperatures rise and stay above freezing.  The thoughts now turn to those of preparation for boat launching.  The launching part is ok…the preparation part we wish we could do without. 

 As you know we are a social club that plans parties and events pretty much on a schedule of one event per month starting with the Ice Breaker at the very end of March and ending with the Thanksgivings day sail on Thanksgiving Day.  We strive to create some fun and enjoyable events for you and your family to partake in.  I must admit, and I am not challenging all the past commodore to a duel or mutiny or anything, but I feel that we have the best social director and event coordinators that have ever been conjured up by the sea spirts of Weatherby Lake and this year they are going to roll out some fun new events for your pleasure. We will do our best to keep up with the events and the details of them on this web site. 

Here are some examples:

  1. Blessing of the Fleet March 30th at C-Point.  Bring your boat.  Let’s all come together to pray for a safe and fun boating season. 

  2. Progressive Dinner.   June 15th.  This is a Weatherby Lake classic..It is a fund raiser for Jr Sailing.  This is a theme oriented party…but not a demand, that starts at one house on that lake for drinks and some early evening gathering…to then move from that house to a second house for dinner, music and dancing and the auction.  Sometimes a third house is commandeered and an invasion on international levels breaks out….casualties are avoided…but not always known or disclosed….loose lips sink ships you know.

  3. The 4th of July Yacht Club Event.  Saturday July 6th at C-Point.  We are planning the first annual Yacht Club event on the 4th Holiday weekend.  It will include the Classic Cardboard Boat Regatta.  This is a fun and funny event for everyone on the lake….try your best solo or with a team to build a boat out of cardboard to compete with other fellow challengers.  Open to all Weatherby Lake residents and family.  Also an evening party with our own Weatherby Lake 9.9ers for music.

  4. Ray’s Balloon Race.  July 20th at C-Point.  Fun for the whole family as you navigate the lake in search of combinations of colored balloons.  Prizes.  Bragging rights.   

  5. King Series event.  Saturday August 24th.  This is a day that starts with the 6 best sailors and their crew on the lake racing against each other in a very interesting format:  The selected racers change boats every race with our competitors so after the day is done we raced on a different boat for each race.   And while those races are taking place…C-Point will have a BBQ cook off competition taking place along with a car show.  The day ends with the BBQ meal, the awards presentations from the results of the King Series, and music and dancing. 

These events and more are our schedule for the year.. Please join the Yacht Club….participate with the Yacht Club in preparation for these events with our event team and have fun with the Yacht Club sharing our love of this lake. I also encourage you to share with us your opinions and ideas as to what we could be doing to make this club more appealing to you and an your family.  That is our mission this year…to listen to our members and the residents on the lake and do the best job we can in creating a club for everyone to enjoy.


Jim Kennedy


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2018-09-20

Since many of us have lives beyond this wonderful playground of Weatherby lake it might do us well to remember open mindedness, vision, and caring for others can expand beyond the 2 mile radius of Weatherby Lake when we assess those in need, as most of us do, as well as our home here at Weatherby.  

WLYC has also taken into account another vision: that is the feeling and learning experience of competing with other entities around the area with our junior sailing teams and coaches as a new and exciting time for all of us who support junior sailing, as well as the historical financial support for the junior sailors as we watch them grow in self confidence.  

Please join us for the award dinner on November 17th at the community center at 7:00 p.m.   Lastly, the Thanksgiving day sail on November 22nd will begin at 10 a.m. with brunch to follow at Rika Jolie's House, 7917 NW Potomac Ave.  All please bring a covered dish or dessert. WLYC will provide beverages.

I have enjoyed my year as Commodore and want to thank all who have put in so much of their valuable time and treasure creating and executing the Social and Sailing events. 

Bon Voyage,

Red McLaughlin


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2018-08-27

We want to thank all the people who came out to the King Series and Vintage Car Party Saturday, August 25th. It was a record turnout!

The WLYC wants to extend an apology to anyone who paid for dinner at this great event but were victims of us running out of food. We just plain underestimated the crowd size that would show up.

We would like to ask each person/family (number of bracelets), who failed to get food, to let us know by sending me an email: or text to 217-779-2719.

We will make sure we get you on a list for complimentary tickets at out next event which will be the Long Distance Race on September 15th. Thanks for understanding and we value each and every person being a part of WLYC events.

Fair winds,

Red McLaughlin


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2018-08-18

The Weatherby Lake Junior Sailing program is taking another step out into the sailing world and are hard at it preparing this time for entering teams into the high school regional sailing championship.  Coaches Pete Pierce, Jim Kennedy, Paul Fetterman along with John Perlik and Paige Perlik are guiding the kids again as well as coordinating the logistics of it all.

This event will be held at Shawnee Mission Park on September 2nd.  More information can be found on the Weatherby Lake Junior Sailing Facebook page as well as the Weatherby Lake Families Club page.

Don’t forget the Weatherby Lake Yacht Club’s annual long distance race and party for all residents will be held on September 15th.  Good food, good music, and beverages for all.

Check our web site for all events and news at

Fair winds,

Red McLaughlin


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2018-07-20

Light up the lake night on June 29th was a great success again with more boats decorated spectacularly than ever.  We again thank all who participated in the typical Weatherby Lake imagination and execution.

On July 26th we will have celebrated our yearly adaptive sailing lunch and sail boat rides handled by our sailors for many of the youngsters from the "Ability KC" Therapeutic learning Center and Rehabilitation Institute Of Kansas City.  This year will be even more special as the Yacht Club presents the institute with checks totaling $1000.00 to help in their good works.  

Greg Carlile has been managing this project for many years now as it has grown and become more important for all the youngsters participating as well as the sailors donating their time.

Important dates in August and September as shown below on WLYC events will be:

Aug 25th, Saturday, 6 pm, C-Point, Sailors King series Party and BBQ hosted by our local WL experts

September 15, Saturday, 7 pm, C-Point, Long distance race and Party. 

All residents are invited to the above events.  

Check our web site for all events and news at

Fair winds,

Red McLaughlin


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2018-06-21

Another successful progressive dinner was enjoyed by many on June 16th and we thank all of the people that worked to set it up and all the people who joined in the festivities. The auction for the junior sailors was again successful in raising money for the junior sailors program.

We have our drive started for raising money for the charity of “Ability K C” in addition to the yearly welcoming of the kids in need of rehabilitation from the Kansas City area to Weatherby for a day on the lake. We will keep all advised on the progress.

Let’s all remember light up the lake night is fast approaching. June 29th. Don’t forget to display your creativity in joining in the fun and beauty.

Contact me if interested in setting up a date to learn what sailing is like. We have our world class sailors anxious to accommodate.

Please be sure to check regularly to keep up on all the events within the Yacht Club.

Fair winds,

Red McLaughlin


National Safe Boating Week - Posted 2018-05-20

Here is a quick reminder to all boat owners that this is National Safe Boating Week.  Let's do our part to raise awareness every chance we get.


Commodore's Letter - Posted 2018-05-20

Be sure you don't miss the biggest party of the year at Weatherby Lake, Saturday June 16th. Entertainment by one of the best blues bands in the country - LIVE FROM WEATHERBY LAKE-IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Remember the Yacht Club represents sailing and other fun gatherings throughout the year. The Yacht Club also sponsors the Junior Sailing program as well as charitable functions for the ABILITY KC program.

REMEMBER: You don't have to own a boat to be a member of the Yacht Club family.

Fair winds,

Red McLaughlin